Live Statistics Widget - 5 good reason to use it

1. Who needs statistics? Everyone. The World is referencing every product or service to some kind of numerical data or analysis based on numbers.

Qmee Online in 60 Seconds Infographic2. Sell your products or services. You are surrounded by  all the time by statistics: GDP (gross domestic product), number of visitors, facebook likes, tweets, spam etc.
All successful entrepreneurs are generating cash referencing a number: "Over x amount sold" or "More than x people are using this" should sound familiar. If you feed a  number to the audience (a real one), they are more likely to become your customers.

3. Raise awareness. Displaying live statistics is the best way to get your visitors attention on any topic. Let's say you need a donation for a good reason - showing your visitors some live facts about the world spending an x amount on something illegal or the amount spent on related research is way much lower than the amount expended to society, will raise a rapid red flag.

4. It's FREE! You can make a statistic on something everyday, or just display a different one related to  every topic/article/blog you write. Bookmark this page for your reference or just click on the link at the bottom of the widget.

5. Because it's COOL to watch those numbers in real time. :)

Everything comes down to numbers.

Online in 60 Seconds [Infographic] is an infographic that was produced by Qmee

More Statistics and Links

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More Real Time Statistics and Sources

World O Meters - real time world statistics on world, economy, health, energy etc... you can get real data by paying a monthly fee to display their statistics.
Reeko's Science Lab - scientific real time statistics : distance earth traveled, stars born in the universe, times you blinked, heart beats, body cells, meteorites entering atmosphere, Quarts of Gas Released by Animal Farts :)
Poodwaddle Widget - nice, neat statistics widget, covers almost all areas: population, mortality, illness, environment, energy, food, economy, crime - flash widget.
Country Meters - statistics on population broken down by country - really useful if you want to work out your own RPS for a specific country.
Stop the Hunger - statistics on food and health related issues (obesity, food, undernourished population, hunger.
Italia ora - real time statistics on Italy - project made by Real Time Statistics, the same people who made stopthehunger and worldometers.
Reality Clock - a good resource for your own rates per second - they also have a widget which displays random static statistics.
GeoHive - a collection of tables and graphs providing a statistical look at countries, their population, area, capital, main cities, etc.
Internet World Stats - Internet World Usage Statistics for all countries and regions of the world, ecommerce and telecommunications information...
World-Statistics - more stats.
United Nations Statistics Division
Fact Monster - world stats and facts - outdated but still interesting.
Nuclear Energy Institute - nuclear energy around the world.
Global Issues - poverty facts and stats.

Statistics - Rates per second

Rate per second (RPS) is the number your statistics increase every second.

It's not hard to work them out. basically you have to divide your statistical data with the number of seconds in the time period the statistical data refers to. It's much easier to understand with an example.

Lets say Google has 2 milion searches every 60 seconds - to find out the RPS we divide 2 milion with 60.
Total Google searches / time period = RPS
2,000,000 / 60 = 33333.33333

If the time frame is a day, a week, a month, or one year, you divide the data with the numbers of seconds in a day, a week, a month or one year.

PeriodNumber of Seconds
One Minute60
One Hour3,600
One Day86,400
One Week604,800
One Month (30 days)2,592,000
One Year31,536,000

List of popular rates per second:

Description RPS
World Population 3.0002744
Google searches 33333.3333333
Songs added on Spotify 0.2333333
Domains registered 1.1666666
Tracks downloaded from iTunes 250
New Wordpress blog posts 5.7833333
New Websites created9.5166666
Walmart transactions283.3333333
New Tumblr photos333.3333333
Emails sent3400000
Photos on Instagram60
Professional searches on Linkedin183.3333333
Amazon Sales1383.3333333
Photos shared on SnapChat1733.3333333
Tweets on Tweeter4633.3333333
Photo Views on Flickr333333.3333333
Minutes connecting on Skype23333.3333333
Posts on Facebook41000
Likes on Facebook30000
Hours of video uploaded on YouTube1.2
Minutes of video uploaded on YouTube72
Seconds of video uploaded on YouTube4320
More to

On the right side you'll find a notepad widget to help you write down your RPS - the data should carry to the next page you visit.

Sources: qmee blog Wikipedia

Troubleshooting your live statistics widget

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    2. Rate/sec input  must be a number, no other characters are accepted. The formatting should be without commas.
accepted: 30000
not accepted: 30,000
accepted: 12.34
not accepted: 12,34
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Widget not working

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Blogspot help
    To install Live Statistics on blogspot as a widget, on the "Layout" section select "Add gadget". Scroll down to HTML/JavaScript (Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog). Paste the generated code into "Content" area (make sure is in HTML mode: on the top should show a link which says "Rich text" - if you see "Edit Html" click on it and paste after)
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