Live Statistics Widget - 5 good reason to use it

1. Who needs statistics? Everyone. The World is referencing every product or service to some kind of numerical data or analysis based on numbers.

Qmee Online in 60 Seconds Infographic2. Sell your products or services. You are surrounded by  all the time by statistics: GDP (gross domestic product), number of visitors, facebook likes, tweets, spam etc.
All successful entrepreneurs are generating cash referencing a number: "Over x amount sold" or "More than x people are using this" should sound familiar. If you feed a  number to the audience (a real one), they are more likely to become your customers.

3. Raise awareness. Displaying live statistics is the best way to get your visitors attention on any topic. Let's say you need a donation for a good reason - showing your visitors some live facts about the world spending an x amount on something illegal or the amount spent on related research is way much lower than the amount expended to society, will raise a rapid red flag.

4. It's FREE! You can make a statistic on something everyday, or just display a different one related to  every topic/article/blog you write. Bookmark this page for your reference or just click on the link at the bottom of the widget.

5. Because it's COOL to watch those numbers in real time. :)

Everything comes down to numbers.

Online in 60 Seconds [Infographic] is an infographic that was produced by Qmee